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Love For Jesus Brings Division  

Sermon 7.20.14 from Crown of Glory Orlando

Bonnie Blumer - Preschool Director from Crown of Glory          VBS 2014 Children from Crown of Glory Orlando


Sunday Worship  10:00 AM
Family Bible Study  11:30 AM
On the seventh day of creation, God rested.  He blessed the seventh day and set it apart.  Everyone and everything was in perfect peace and harmony.  Sin completely shattered that peace.  In Jesus, the Christian finds rest from his guilt, his sins, his burdens, his battles, and rest forever in heaven.  Join us this Sunday!
Ushers - Kevin Cast, Joe Oft
Holy Communion - Earl Noffsinger
Church Cleaning - Lois Roper

Campers will meet at church at 8 am for the seven hour drive to Camp South in Covington, Georgia.  Lord willing, we'll be back Friday night.

In past years, King of Kings Lutheran Church "absorbed" Crown of Glory's children into their group and their church van to Camp South.  Our group has now grown to the point that we no longer fit in their church van.   Since we don't own a church van, we must rent our own van (or drive two member's minivans).  We'll be taking a special Door Offering for the next four weeks, so the two adult chaperones don't have to shoulder this expense themselves.  

Service Times:
Worship Sunday    10:00am
Adult Bible Class 11:30am
Crown of Glory 
Lutheran Church

Precious Gems Preschool
Phone: 407-291-2262
Fax: 407-291-2262
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